About us

KEMAS Ltd. co. Was founded in 1992 in order to meet country’s need of induction furnaces as a family owned company.

Since it was first founded, it has realized various researches and productions on induction heating. All kinds of induction heating furnace, accounts, concepts and productions have been performed via the acquired technology. The results acquired the scientific studies which have been still carried out, have been presented both in national and international periodicals and meetings.

Our firm, with the stuff who has 36 year experience on induction heating furnaces is able to meet, need of country’s induction heating furnaces much cheaper than the imported ones and with the best quality.

The Benefits of our Business Partners Who Prefer with Our Firm

An aggregation of 36 year experience and knowledge on induction furnaces,
Scientific approach thanks to the engineers of electronics and mechanicals,
Design and production which is suitable for the physical conditions depending on the demands of the users,
Quality (The best quality materials are used in our products)
Opportunity to intervene immediately to the probable failures, changes and revisions,
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